"I became an optimist when I discovered that I wasn't going to win any more games by being anything else."

Earl Weaver: Quotes for Motivation in Sport


Feversham College offers a high quality Physical Education curriculum which enables all students to develop physical competence and confidence through experiencing a wide range of activities. Students will learn how to become successful in creative, challenging and competitive situations this in turn will help them to achieve in the outside world.

The overall aim of PE is to ensure all pupils know and understand the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle and where they can access physical activity in the community.

Extra curricular

Teachers and external coaches work together to provide an extensive and diverse range of activities for all students at Feversham College. The ultimate aim of this is to help students make informed choices on the types of physical activity they will pursue beyond their school life.

3 clubs which have been developed and embedded into the heart of the extra-curricular activities are detailed below.

Ju-jitsu club - A well established club at Feversham giving the students the opportunity to learn practical self-defence, improve fitness, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Students are also able to take part in grading and we now have a number of students who are well on the way to becoming black belt!

Urban rebounding/fitness club - Rebounding is an activity which increases agility and improves balance while providing aerobic exercise. At this club students are also involved in various other fun fitness activities for improving health.

Swimming club - A club giving the students the opportunity to learn to swim or improve their swimming, in an all female environment.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum aiming to develop students knowledge, skills and understand in a range of competitive, aesthetic, creative and challenging activities. In addition to this students will learn how to become personally and socially responsible and will develop many concepts such as fairness, organization and communication. Activities on offer at Key Stage 3 include, netball, football, rounders, athletics, fitness, badminton, gymnastics, cricket, multi-skills and many more.


Feversham College offers a personalized and flexible Key Stage 4 curriculum to engage and inform all students of the types of activities they can access in the community. Students can choose which activities they would like to pursue throughout the year. In addition to this students will work independently, collaboratively and will participate as performers, officials and aa leaders to develop skills and qualities essential for succeeding tin the workplace.

BTEC Level 2 First Award in Sport

Students entering year 10 can choose to study the BTEC Level 2 in Sport. This is a 2 year course and on completion students gain a qualification equivalent to 1 GCSE. The course covers a range of modules including:

  • fitness for sport and exercise
  • practical sports performances
  • leading sports activities
  • sports performers in action.

Sports Leader Award Level 1

Students in Year 10 can choose to take this award within their core PE lesson. The award aims to improve leadership and communication skills, increase confidence levels and give an insight into the enjoyment that can be gained thorough sports leadership.

Key Stage 5

The level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport is a qualification which is equivalent to one GCE A level. It provides an opportunity to gain a qualification which offers students specialist knowledge relating to sport and the human body. From the qualification students can progress into employment or continue study in the same or related area.

Students will study the following:

  • Principles of anatomy and physiology
  • Physiology of fitness
  • Assessing risk in sport
  • Fitness testing for sport and exercise.

Students will study three from the following units:

  • Fitness training and programming
  • Practical team sports
  • Practical individual sports
  • Sports nutrition
  • Leadership in sport
  • Exercise, health and lifestyle.