School Uniform

A simple and modest form of dress is required in accordance with Islamic ethos of the College. It is very important that the uniform is loose fitting and modest and that the hijaab is fitted closely to the head. The College uniform is COMPULSORY.

College Uniform – KS3 and KS4

Head covering: Navy blue plain school hijaab

The material must be the one recommended by the school.

This can be purchased from Universal Fabrics, White Abbey Road, Bradford. Tel: 01274 824623

Navy blue
Straight cut trousers, full length sleeves
Shoes: Black flat shoes
Cardigan: Black cardigan with Feversham College logo
P.E. – Physical Education Uniform
The P.E. kit is available Natashas, Bradford.
Navy blue long sleeved crew necked t-shirt
Plain blue elasticated hijaab
Navy blue track suit bottoms
Navy blue zipped track suit top
Footwear: Trainers

College Uniform – Key Stage 5

Head covering: Any colour hijaab - must not be see through

This can be purchased from Universal Fabrics, White Abbey Road, Bradford. Tel: 01274 824623

Plain black jilbaab

Shoes: Plain, black flat shoes
Cardigan: Plain black cardigan which can be button or zipped (no jackets or hoodies)

Sandals are not permitted due to Health and Safety concerns. In winter boots may be worn to and from school but not inside the building. In this case students will need a change of footwear.

Students should not wear coats, jackets or non-school uniform cardigans inside the building.

Students may wear watches but no other jewellery including nose rings or studs should be worn. Students are not allowed to wear any make-up including surma.

At Feversham College we will correct inappropriate or incorrect items of uniform by contacting parents or by sending students home with a notice to change.

Staff may ask students to remove items and may confiscate items that are contradictory to College uniform and the Islamic ethos.